How Much Is a Soul Worth?

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In 2001, advertisers paid an average of $2,000,000 for thirty seconds of television time during the Super Bowl (Wall Street Journal, 1/28/02)!
On the way to work yesterday, while stuck in traffic, I thought about how effective a Christian bumper sticker can be—even though it won’t reach the estimated 84 million people that TV does.
Unlike a TV commercial, a bumper sticker costs but a few dollars. It lasts longer than thirty seconds, and if it’s a Bible verse, God’s Word “shall not return  .  .  .  void.”
Bumper stickers are noticed. If an average of ten people a day read its message, God’s Word will have reached over 3,600 people in one year.
A bumper sticker shares the gospel with all. Young and old. Rich and poor. All nationalities—the educated and uneducated. Come rain or shine, day or night, anywhere and everywhere there are roads to drive.
Corporations spend big money advertising, and one of the main places they advertise is on vehicles. Professional auto racing, commercial vehicles of all kinds—all are used as moving billboards.
These companies aren’t ashamed of their product or service. They want others to know about what they have. Ford, for instance, has a new advertising slogan: “Take it to the streets.”
What about us Christians? Isn’t our Lord Jesus Christ worth sharing? How much is a soul worth? On the road of life, bumper stickers can be a wonderful means of spreading the gospel message.
D. Mackewich (adapted from the Y.P. Forum)