How the Grumbler Was Cured

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Some years ago, a preacher of the gospel in a small town became exceedingly discouraged, and brooded over his trials to such an extent that he became an inveterate grumbler. He found fault with his brethren because he imagined they did not treat him well. A brother in Christ was invited to assist him a few days in special meetings. At the close of the Sunday morning meeting our unhappy brother invited the visitor to his house to dinner. While they were waiting alone in the parlor he began his doleful story by saying:
“You have no idea of my troubles; and one of the greatest is that my brethren in the church treat me very badly.”
The other propounded the following questions: “Did they ever spit in your face?”
“No; they haven’t come to that.”
“Did they ever smite you?”
“Did they ever crown you with thorns?”
This last question he could not answer, but bowed his head thoughtfully. The other replied, “Your Master and mine was thus treated, and all His disciples fled and left Him in the hands of the wicked. Yet He opened not His mouth.”
The effect of this conversation was wonderful. Both men bowed in prayer and earnestly sought to pos­sess the mind which was in Christ Jesus. During the ten days’ meetings the discontented preacher became wonderfully changed. He labored and prayed with his friend, and many souls were brought to Christ.
Some weeks after, a brother in Christ wrote and said, “Your late visit and conversation with the preacher has had a wonderful influence for good. We never hear him complain now, and he labors more prayerfully and zealously.”