Hurling Texts

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An invalid Christian woman, poor in this world, but rich in faith and good works, was in the habit of gathering a company of young Christian girls around her couch, and feeding them with the corn of heaven. She was a woman of great faith in the efficacy of God’s blessed Word, both in the salvation of sinners, and in the building up and warfare of the saints. It was the usual way at their simple gatherings, to read a chapter of the Scriptures, verse about all round. Then the invalid would speak to them on it, and after that, each was at liberty to ask questions, or seek help in any difficulty. These were happy seasons, and many a lamb of the Good Shepherd’s flock was fed there, and went forth strengthened to do battle with the powers of evil, and to conquer. The subject of their meditation one evening was,
“The temptation of the Lord in the wilderness, and His victory by the use of the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”
“But what should we do when Satan does not go away, but rather increases the temptations?” asked a thoughtful-looking girl, who had been listening very attentively while the various stages of the devil’s art were being described, and the Lord’s repeated “It is written” emphasized.
The question seemed to express the thoughts of others in the company, for when it was asked, several nodded their approval of it, and eagerly awaited the answer. The good woman smiled—she evidently knew by experience its meaning—and said,
“Keep hurling the texts at him, dearie; never missing a stroke, till he leaves you with the angels, as he did the Lord. Some of David’s mighty men could hurl stones with both hands (1 Chron. 12:22They were armed with bows, and could use both the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows out of a bow, even of Saul's brethren of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 12:2)), and I suppose they knew where to get them too. That’s what you’ll have to learn too, so mind you get well versed in your Bibles, so that you may have the Word dwelling in your hearts. Then no fear, but you’ll have plenty to give him when he stays long.”
The girls smiled, but they did not forget the sound counsel of the Lord’s hand-maid. Young believer, I would repeat her words,
“Keep hurling the texts” at the adversary, in the hour of temptation. But mind, in order to have the texts to hurl, you must meditate on the Word, and have it abiding in you. Then the right stones—the sayings from God—will be given you, to use against Satan, until he retire from you, defeated by the sharp edge of the Spirit’s Sword.