I Come Quickly

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“I come quickly.” Blest assurance
Lord to meet Thee I arise.
'Tis Thine own—Thy special promise:
"Even so," my heart replies.
In this scene where all disown Thee.
I, a part of Thee, still roam '
Left to serve Thee here while list’ning
For the “shout," to call me home.
Let not din of earthly voices
Here, distract or fill mine ear—
What a moment, gracious Saviour.
When Thy blessed voice I hear
That same voice which by Thy Spirit
Oft my spirit’s yearnings staid;
When Thou halt, in wondrous favor,
This poor heart Thy mansion made.
Then 'twill call me up to mansions
In the Father's house above,
There to know more deeply—fully—
All Thy glory, all Thy love.
Sure that shout of resurrection,
Like one chord of mingled tone,
Will sound forth in thrilling cadence
All of Thee we here have known.
In that joy of full communion
Each shall have his special part,
Each a spot reserved, O Father,
In Thy house, and in Thy heart.
Every vessel brimming over
With its prize—the Christ of God;
Small and great in joy ungrudging
Thou, our center, Holy Lord.
Now, Thy wisdom we are learning,
Now, by faith, Thy glory see;
As we gaze, our hearts are filling,
Satisfied, O Lord, in Thee.
Then, when we reflect Thine image,
When Thy beauty naught shall hide,
Thou shalt see Thy soul's deep travail
And Thy heart be satisfied.
Come, Lord Jesus, claim Thy people.
Here we wait and watch for Thee:
Thy blest voice shall be the key-note
Of eternal 'jubilee!
Gath ‘ring us— Tine own creation—
To Thyself in Thine abode;
Like Thee—with Thee—and for ever
Near Thy Father and Thy God.
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