"I Don't Feel Right"

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"Yes, I do believe on Jesus, but I don't feel right." Such is the honest expression of many an anxious soul. To such let me say a few words.
A few years ago a friend and I went down into a coal mine. As we descended we experienced peculiar feelings. After we had gone down a short distance I felt precisely as though we were going upwards; and I could have been sure that such was the fact if I had not positively known that we were going downwards.
We explored the mine and returned, the cage coming down to where we were to lift us from the darkness and smut of the pit into the light and freedom of the outer world. Then my feelings were exactly reversed. I felt as though we were dropping downwards, but I KNEW that the powerful engine was bearing us upwards as fast as it could, and we soon stepped out on the ground in the open air.
Now this is somewhat similar to the experience of souls. When they are going downward at a rapid rate to the pit of everlasting despair, Satan does his best to give them happy feelings; and when they are questioned as to their salvation, their reply is, "Oh, we certainly hope to be saved! We feel quite happy!" Sad delusion! No hope is to be relied upon which is not grounded upon the sure Word of God; no happy feelings are to be trusted which are not produced by faith in the Scriptures of Truth!
But when the conscience is aroused, and the poor sinner sees himself in all his guilt before God, what a change! No flippantly expressed hope will satisfy him now; he must KNOW that there is a Savior for him. How can he know? The Word of God replies, "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." As the cage descended to lift us from the bottom of the coal mine, so this blessed Savior descended into this dark world to save your soul, poor sinner. As we stepped into the cage, trusting it to carry us every inch of the way, so may you trust that precious Savior who died for you; the Word which tells of Him is "faithful," and worthy of your acceptance.
"I do accept it," you say, "and trust Jesus as my Savior. Yet I feel as though I must go to hell, for I am so vile a sinner." Ah, this is Satan's work again! When you were going to hell as fast as time could carry you, he sought to make you feel as if you were going to heaven. Now, when Jesus is bearing you to glory by His mighty power, Satan would make you feel as if you must drop down to hell.
What is the cure? Let go your feelings; do not consider them; just hold fast to what you know. God's Word says, "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; THAT YE MAY KNOW that ye HAVE eternal life." Blest knowledge! Whatever your feelings may be, God would have you know that you have eternal life. The One who died for the poor sinner upon Calvary's cross is a perfect, eternal Savior. Trust Him unwaveringly every step of the way. Meet all Satan's temptations with the words God has put into your lips; not "I feel," but "I KNOW." Sooner or later, every timid soul that has trusted Jesus will have the joy of stepping into the bright glory of God, to sing forever the praise of a faithful Savior.