I Have

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ONE Lord's day afternoon, at our Sunday school, the following precious confession of the Lord Jesus was made to the teacher of a class of little girls, from six to eight years of age. Jesus as the "Lamb of God," the perfect Sacrifice for sin, and as the Light of God's beautiful city, was the subject that had much interested the class for two or three afternoons. The children had heard how "He was brought as a lamb to the slaughter," shedding His precious blood for sinners, and the need of each one of them for going to God about her own sins had been earnestly put before them.
One of the children, always marked by her brightness and attention to the lesson, exclaimed as the class proceeded, "I have." "You have what?" the teacher inquired.
“Asked Jesus to wash my sins away," she answered; when another, joining with her, said, "So have I.”
Afterward these little children told their teacher that, one Lord's day morning, they bad asked the Lord Jesus to wash away their sins. The teacher questioned them, and finding they really had been speaking to the Lord, said, "And do you believe He has done it?”
With faces full of expression, they replied,
“Yes, teacher.”
“And did anyone tell you to do so?"
"No," they answered.
Another little girl, looking up, said, "Jesus heard them, didn't He, teacher?”
Yes, indeed, Jesus had heard these little ones, who in their simple way, knowing that He bids little children come to Him, had gone to Him, and had received His blessing.
W. W.