I Love Jesus

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A LADY was speaking to some children about the love of the Lord Jesus. A little girl named Lizzie sat upon a low stool at her feet. As the lady ceased speaking, Lizzie asked if they might sing "Safe in the Arms of Jesus.”
“Why do you wish to sing that hymn?" said the lady. "Because I want to feel safe in His arms," was the reply.
They sang the hymn together, and then the lady spoke again of the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. Lizzie sat with clasped hands, and a bright smile covered her face. Suddenly she started up, and putting her arms around her friend's neck, she exclaimed, "I love Jesus,”
“Why do you love Him, Lizzie?”
“Because He first loved me," was her reply; then she added, "And I love you, too, for telling me about Him loving little children. Dear Jesus! I will sing to Him now, for He has made me feel so safe.”
This little child would frequently go to some lonely spot, and sing simple hymns of praise to Him Who first loved her. And her artless talk and loving smile gave many to know that she had been in the company of the Lord Jesus.
“Do you love Jesus?" would be her simple question; then, while awaiting a reply, she would say, "I love Him; He has made me so safe. Will you love Him, too?”
God, by His Spirit, thus used dear Lizzie to lead many of her companions to Him, and, through her, quite a band of little pilgrims turned their faces heavenward.