If He Should Come Tonight

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Two sisters shared a home in a small town near a big city; one lived for Christ, the other for the world.
One night the Christian girl went to hear a lecture on the coming of the Lord. On her return she told her sister what she had heard and remarked, "I felt like this: I thought if He should come tonight what a fearful thing it would be for you. I should be taken up to be forever with the Lord, and you would be left behind for judgment. I could not bear to think of it!" Her sister made no reply.
They slept in the same bed; and in the night the Christian lay awake, thinking, "If the Lord should come, oh, my poor sister!”
At last, unable to bear the dreadful thought any longer, she arose quietly and stole to a corner of the room. There she knelt down and poured out her soul in silent prayer to God.
Presently the other girl awoke. She felt for her sister but she was not there. Not knowing what had happened and in sudden agony of mind she thought to herself, "Can it be that the Lord has come?”
She got up immediately and in almost a frenzy searched about the dark room until she found her sister still on her knees. She knelt beside her, and before she arose she too had trusted in Jesus and was ready to meet Him.
Reader, are you ready?
Christ is coming, oh, be ready!
Let not slumber dull your eyes;
Do not say, "My Lord delayeth”
He is coming, O be wise.