"I'm Nearing Home"

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(Recently an old Christian fell asleep in a chair. On waking, the words "I’m nearing Home" came from his lips. Those few verses were the outcome).
I’m nearing Home, that blest place
Where, in His beauty, I shall see
JESUS, Who in matchless grace
Suffered, bled and died for me.
Yes, no longer " through a glass
Darkly" at best, nor "know in part"
But see Himself " face to face "
Who, down here, hath won my heart.
And " know as known," wondrous words!
Feebly understood by any here,
But, my soul, they are the Lord's,
And how they do our spirits cheer.
Then come Lord Jesus, quickly come,
Take us away from this poor scene
To Thyself in that bright home,
Where clouds can never intervene.
Meanwhile we hear Thee saying,
" Occupy until I come,"
"Not your own," and "In praying
Persevere " till-Thou tak'st us home.
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