In the Hands of the Master - to Think I Almost Refused the Master!

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Have you heard this little story of Mendelssohn, the musician? Once he wandered into a cathedral in Germany. The organist, an old man, was practicing on the great organ. Going quietly to the organ loft, Mendelssohn asked if he might try the keys. The old man refused, fearing the stranger might not know how to manage the priceless instrument and might injure it.
The great master insisted, urging that if the organist would only let him try he would prove that he would not harm the organ. At last, reluctantly, the organist consented. Then began such music as the old man had never heard! He was enraptured, entranced! He sat spellbound with his eyes streaming with tears.
After a while the great musician rose to go. "Who are you? Who are you?" cried the old man. "Mendelssohn," he replied simply, and passing down the silent aisle he left the building.
"But, oh," said the old organist as he told the story, "to think that I had almost refused to let Mendelssohn, the master, touch my organ!"
Have not many of us refused to let the Great Master have our lives? Be sure that He will not harm the life given to Him, but will only bring out its wonderful harmonies as God meant them to be! In His hands our poor souls will render music, the glory and beauty of which we can only dream. Like the old organist with his organ, will you not give yourself over to the Lord Jesus? He will save your soul for all eternity, and with tender care He will carry you in His arms of love all the way to the Father's house. Will you not trust Him?