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What are you doing with the invitation?
You remember the parable. The invited ones made excuses. They had other engagements; their business matters, their family concerns filled their thoughts. They cared nothing for the grand supper. But the feast was furnished with guests without them.
And God's house of blessing will be filled whether you are there or not. But if not there, where will you be?
It is a small matter to slight the offer of hospitality of a fellow mortal, but we cannot trifle with God's invitation without danger. Do we dare to treat Him without courtesy, and not be condemned?
None of those men which were bidden shall taste of my supper was the decision of the provider of the feast. They might choose to change their minds and come, after all. It would be too late.
No further message was sent.
You have been invited to the supper. What have you done about it?