Isaiah 17

Isaiah 17  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
Damascus (Syria), an enemy who should have been expelled before and who has always been an enemy of Israel, is now a ruinous heap. Ephraim (not the ten tribes) feels this with Damascus but is left a remnant.
All the prosperity that has been built up in Palestine must be completely crushed, and there shall be utter desolation. In the midst of this widespread idolatry a man shall look to his Maker; he shall respect the Holy One of Israel. This, the first attack of the Assyrian as Jehovah's rod, succeeds, and Jerusalem is trodden down as the mire.
The "harvestman gathereth the corn and reapeth the ears with his arm" suggests that the little remnant in the Land are now shown mercy—"gleaning grapes shall be left"—and at the end the Assyrian falls.