Isaiah 33

Isaiah 33  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
never been spoiled. He has dealt treacherously in that, being the rod, he sought to take possession. Now the cup of trembling has been taken out of Israel's hand and placed in his hand. Jehovah hears the cry of the remnant, and the nations are scattered.
The Lord is exalted. Now He exalts Himself. The enemy is chaff, stubble, and shall be as the burnings of lime. The complete separation between the apostates and the remnant of faith takes place as final. The apostates dwell with everlasting burnings, while the remnant that waited for their Messiah see the King in all His beauty. As they meditate the (error which almost overwhelmed them, they turn to see Zion, the city of their solemnities, Jerusalem, a quiet habitation. None of the stakes shall ever be removed. There the Glorious Lord shall be a place of complete blessing. The enemy could not strengthen his mast. The prey of a great spoil is divided among the lame, no more sickness, complete forgiveness.