Isaiah 35

Isaiah 35  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
Notice the expression, "the excellency of our God." Blessing abundantly follows the cleansing of the earth, the desert blossoming as the rose. Joy and singing abound from henceforth, the eyes of the blind opened, ears unstopped, lame leap as an hart, parched ground a pool. The way in which the redeemed shall walk shall be holiness. As they experience joy and gladness, sighing and sadness fade away.
In the remaining references, chapter 65, He creates a new heaven and a new earth. In chapter 24 we have noticed all evil powers in heaven and earth put under and judged. Now a new order exists in heaven and on earth. All that went before shall be forgotten, as the new is lost in joy.
There shall be government and summary judgment of sin. They shall build and pursue peaceful occupation for pleasure. What a picture of tranquility as His servants serve Him. The gleanings of their brethren shall then be brought back, and they shall bring an offering, too.
As we come to the close of this amazing set of prophecies, which reveal with much detail the "Controversy of Zion",our spirits are filled with trembling at the audacity of man to take sides against God. Still what is it that brings peace and balm to the heart as the setting forth here the deep compassions, the tender pity, loving care, and patience of a beneficent Redeemer God who wills nothing but eternal bliss for His creature. Oh, to have our hearts in tune—to mourn when He mourns, to dance when He pipes. Lord Jesus, deepen this in our souls!
C. E. L.
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