Isaiah - October 1, 1995

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
We have now come to an important place in our journey through the Bible. From this place until we reach the end of the Old Testament, we will be visiting a group of writers who are called “prophets.” The first prophet we will be visiting on our journey is a man named Isaiah. This dear servant of God, who wrote the book of Isaiah, lived during the reign of several kings of Judah, kings that we have already visited in our journey.
An Old Testament prophet was a very special servant of God and proves to us how very much God loves His people and desires to bless them even though they are being disobedient to Him.
When the people (the nation of Israel) had become so disobedient that they could no longer offer sacrifices of worship to God through the priests, it seemed like all was over for them. But in His tender love and kindness, God raised up special servants, called prophets. These men brought God’s words of warning and love to His beloved but disobedient people.
Sad to say, the people often hardened their already disobedient hearts and refused to listen to the messages which God sent them by His prophets. These prophets all were a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ who was the great Prophet of God. The people showed their awful rebellion against God and His message to them by crucifying His Son, Jesus.
1. God spoke to His earthly people, the Jews, through men called ____________ . Hebrews 1:___
2. The Apostle Paul taught Timothy that a ____________ of the Lord was not to argue with others but to speak gently with all men. 2 Timothy 2:___
3. The Word of God tells us that before a person becomes a Christian, he acts in a ____________ way to God. Titus 3:___
4. Satan tried to tempt the Lord Jesus to ____________ him, but the Lord Jesus said that ____________ (same word) must only be given to God.
Luke 4:___
5. Paul wrote to his beloved Corinthian brethren to ____________ them to turn from their disobedient ways. 1 Corinthians 4:___