It Would Not Burn

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A woman in Scotland, who was determined to have nothing to do with religion, threw her Bible into the fire, together with a few tracts she found in the house.
One of the tracts, a sermon by Spurgeon, fell out of the flames, so she picked it up and thrust it in again. A second time it slipped down, and once more she put it back. Again her evil intention was frustrated. The next time, however, she was more successful, though even then only half of the tract was consumed. Taking up the portion that came out of the fire she exclaimed,
"Surely the Devil is in that tract, for it will not burn!"
Her curiosity was excited. She began to read it; and it was the means of her conversion to God! Truly the sermon, and the woman, too, were saved, yet "so as by fire."
Perhaps the story of your conversion has yet to be told. Possibly you think you are not as bad as this woman who threw the Scriptures into the flames. But if you are rejecting Christ, wherein lies the difference?
If, until now, you have resisted the pleadings of the almighty Savior, and neglected His great salvation, your case could hardly be more desperate.
The matter of the highest concern to you is the salvation of your soul. Are you saved?
The God of love has made the most abundant provision for your salvation. He has given His Son. Jesus has died, —"died for the ungodly." His blood avails for you.
"Through faith in His blood" you may now have peace with God.
"All that believe are justified from all things."
Dost thou believe on the Son of God?