Jeremiah - December 3, 1995

Jeremiah 1‑52  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The next prophet we are going to visit on our journey through the Bible is Jeremiah. This prophet of God is sometimes referred to as the “weeping prophet.” This was because Jeremiah prophesied God’s warnings to the Jews in Judah just before they were carried away captive to Babylon.
The people had not listened to the messages that God had graciously sent to them through the prophet Isaiah. Now they were not listening to Jeremiah either. Jeremiah knew that God was going to have to punish the rebellious people even as He had been warning for so many years.
Knowing that this punishment was about to fall and that still the people would not listen and repent made Jeremiah very sad. He believed God’s message and loved God’s people - that was why he felt such sorrow.
Jeremiah is a beautiful little picture to us of how our blessed Lord Jesus felt about His beloved people when He walked among them and they refused to believe Him. He knew all that would happen and all the sorrow that would come on Jerusalem and the Jews. The Lord Jesus felt so sad that He even wept when He saw Jerusalem, knowing what was going to happen there because of their naughtiness.
Now we will rest in our journey while you look for the following verses:
1. The Lord Jesus solemnly warned of the place of ____________ and gnashing of teeth where the servant who did not obey would be sent.
Matthew 25:___
2. God told those disciples who were with the Lord Jesus when He was transfigured in His glory to ____________ (listen to) what He said to them.
Matthew 17:___
3. The Jewish leaders who hated anyone who was a Christian wanted to ____________ the apostles. However, they could find nothing wrong with them. Acts 4:___
4. Paul preached the Word of God that he had received by divine revelation. He described this preaching as a ____________ to every man.
Colossians 1:___
5. The Apostle Paul so loved the Jews that he said he always felt ____________ in his heart because of their disobedience and rejection of the Lord Jesus and His Word. Romans 9:___