Jesus, Lord, I Praise Thee

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Jesus, Lord, I praise Thee
For all that Thou hast done,
Thy untold acts of graciousness-
The victory Thou hast won.
I praise Thee for the bitter cross,
And the wrath which thou did'st bear;
From whence all my salvation flows,
For my sins were on Thee there.
I praise Thee for the empty grave-
For the ascension cloud-
Praise falters on my tongue-I sigh
For praise more fit, more loud!
But more than all that Thou hast done,
I praise, for what Thou art-
The Sun of God-the Son of man.
With a loving, beating heart.
I praise, Thee, that thou art my Lord-
My Savior also, Thou-
My head-the object for my heart,
My everything, I trove!
And this my greatest joy on earth,
hat Thou art with me here.
My greatest joy in heaven shall be,
That I am with Thee, there!
-J. W. T.