?Jesus Loves Me?

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Often a long-forgotten sacred song learned in childhood is recalled years later and used of God to bring a lost soul to Christ. Little is much when God is in it! The mighty power of the simple truth contained in Anna B. Warner's "Jesus loves me," is shown in the following true story— the personally related experience of "a woman that was a sinner."
She told it to the preacher following a gospel meeting during which he had noted the rapt attention of the woman unknown to him, and heard her irrepressible "Amen!"
"Why should I not praise Him, when He has done so much for me?" she exclaimed. "Oh, sir! you don't know the depths from which Christ has brought me. Let me tell you my story.
"I had a good home; I had a good husband and children; but the curse of drink came on me and I became its slave. I broke my husband's heart and our little home became a place of shame. I sold our furniture to buy the cursed stuff. In the early morning, when the men were on the street, on their way to work, I would be out begging from them for the same purpose.
"But one morning when the burning thirst was upon me I felt I would go mad. I had come to the end of everything. Oh, how great is the mercy of our God! I know not why, but the words of a children's hymn I had learned years ago when I was a little girl in Sunday school came into my mind:
"Jesus loves me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak, but He is strong.
"Sir, I flung myself on my knees and bowed my head on a poor rickety chair left from our once happy home, and prayed: "Oh, Jesus, if there is a Jesus, take away from me this awful thirst and curse. I can do nothing to help myself. Help me to know Thy love and be one of Thy 'little ones.'
"I arose from my knees a free woman. The thirst for drink was gone forever. I came to know the blessed Lord as my Savior. Don't you think I ought to praise Him?”