Jesus Only

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ON what are you resting your hopes for eternity?" I asked a young man, whose manly face, marked with suffering, told too truly he had not long to live. He was only able to speak in a whisper, but sweetly came the answer-"Jesus only.”
Before he was obliged to give up work, when he felt that disease was creeping upon him, he was convinced that it would soon end his life. He knew he had nothing to rest upon for eternity, not even a "good life" (as some people say), for he had been a very godless man. His sins filled him with deep concern, and he felt deeply his disregard of his Christian parents, who had been called home; and also he felt the sin of his indifference to their teaching. When in this state of misery, he was visited by the Bible-woman, to whom he said, "It's all so dark.”
God used this verse, "All we like sheep have gone astray, "and" The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all," to bring this young man out of darkness into light. The two" all’s" in the verse arrested him. He knew he was included in the first; he felt that in his soul as a deep reality, and then God gave him to see that he, a poor guilty sinner, was included in the second all, and that his iniquity had been laid upon Jesus by Jehovah. After that day he never seemed to have a doubt nor a fear, but was peaceful and rejoicing. We could not go into his room without noticing the bright look of joy which lighted up his face.
Once, when a Christian friend said to him, "I wish I could bear some of your weakness for you—but that is not to be," he replied, "Christ bore more than this for me.”
On one occasion I asked him if he had very bad nights. "No," he replied, "for I have Jesus to talk to.”
He looked forward with intense joy to being with the Lord, and to serving Him throughout eternity. The night before he died he was longing to go, and was heard to say, "Jesus, fetch me.”
Let me ask you, dear reader, are you resting on "Jesus only"? N. N.