Job - May 1, 1994

Job 3‑37  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Job’s friends had heard of all the sorrow that had befallen Job and they came to comfort him. They realized how sad he was, and so they said nothing to him. Instead, they just sat with him for seven whole days.
But this seemed to do something very strange to Job. Instead of being comforted by his friends, he started complaining about what had happened to him. His friends did not do much to help him. Sad to say, they began to find fault with Job. They pointed out many failures in Job’s life as reasons for why all of these terrible things had happened to him.
As they talked to him, Job became angry and called them “miserable comforters.” Job’s friends finally stopped talking because they could not seem to help poor Job.
Before we go any further, we will rest while you look for these verses.
1. The Lord Jesus promised His disciples that their ____________ would be turned into joy. John 16:___
2. The Bible should give ____________ to believers who read and learn from it. Romans 15:___
3. Spiritual brethren (those who are walking close to the Lord) are to seek to restore one who has been overtaken with a ____________ . Galatians 6:___
4. The wicked and hypocritical Jewish leaders were ____________ with the Lord Jesus because He had healed on the sabbath day. John 7:___
5. Christians have the privilege of coming right into the very presence of God in order to get ____________ for their needs. Hebrews 4:___