Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon

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The Book of Job shows the godly man, without law, in nature, learning what he is in that nature, though a model man in amiability, when he comes near God.
The Book of Psalms.-Is the godly man under law, and with all the sense of how grievous transgression is, seeking to rise up from his low estate into nearness with God.
The Book of Proverbs.-It is the godly man learning wisdom.
The Canticles.-It is the heart searching after that rest which can only satisfy true love.
You have the conscience seeking its rest in the Psalms; and the heart in Canticles. Hence, neither of these two books properly applies to us, as Christians. For, as such, our conscience is fully at rest, and we are in the relationship of children in the Father's house; and our heart is at rest as already united to Christ by the spirit, bone of his bone, and flesh of His flesh. " We are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones."—(Eph. 5)
Now, the earthly Queen, whose history is presented to us in Canticles, has not yet reached her rest. She comes from earth, and necessarily cannot be until there is a King, actually. "The Bride, the Lamb's wife," comes from God; she is never a Queen, and Christ is not the King in His relationship to her-He is to the earthly Queen. The Church is the Eve, if you will, of the second Adam, for the Paradise of God.