Joy, Peace, Power

THE three key words to the wonders of the fourth chapter of the epistle to the Philippians are joy, peace, power.
The first verse of the chapter really connects itself with the preceding chapters, as the word "therefore" indicates. In view of the wondrous salvation unfolded, the Philippians were "therefore" to "so stand fast in the Lord." But there is also another connection with the joy; the apostle dearly loved these bright Christians, and he looked forward to heaven when they should be his crown. And when the great day came, they should be yet in all intensity, his joy—he would have in them in eternity a link with this past life, and a crown of delight. To them, then, he would say, "Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice.”
“The peace of God"—not "peace with God"—peace as the experienced portion of the soul, and the way of obtaining this peace, occupies the sixth to the ninth verses. The holy calm of God Himself, the unruffled peace in which He dwells—this peace "shall keep your hearts and minds" (or thoughts) "through Christ Jesus." And how is this miracle wrought upon earth within the heart? By God garrisoning heart and mind by His peace. Give God our cares, make our requests known to Him, give Him our thanks for His mercies, and, lo! in our hearts His peace shall prevail.
And not only shall the peace of God keep heart and mind, but "the God of peace" Himself, shall be with you. Do we inquire, How shall this divine companionship be attained? The way is as simple as the result is mighty. Think upon the things God loves, do the things the holy life of St. Paul patterned and his teachings pointed to, think and live according to the will and pleasure of God, and He, as the God of peace, shall be our Companion.
Power is the last of the three key words. St. Paul could be full, or he could be hungry; he knew how to abound, and he knew how to be abased; he was master over circumstances, master of himself, master of the very tyrant who had thrown him into the dungeon; he was greater than the world. And how was this? He tells us: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Christ was his power.
The joy, the peace, the power, are for us all. And whether joy,1 peace,2 or power3 each is established in the Name of Christ.