Luke 10:17‑24  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
The kingdom, divine power, God Himself, brought in, joy is the element Be it, in the eye opened by the Spirit, in the judgment or government of the world, in the heavenly citizenship, this is so—in the operations of the Father, the counsels of the Father, or His ways and methods, this is so. These verses show this.
Earlier dispensations tested man, now God is brought in (see ver. 24).
Joy is the element in which the kingdom displays and exercises itself.
Joy at the reception of the Gospel, with Jews, Samaritans, Proselytes, Gentiles. Acts 2; 8:13
Joy enjoined all through our course. Phil. 4
Joy provided for our eternity.
All share it—God, Christ, the sinner, the worshipper, angels, heaven, earth. Luke 1; 2:10, 15, 24.
Luke has much joy, because much of grace.