Just Another Day

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
It was just one day a normal day in just one town, a very average, normal town. Look at the news reports:
Boy drowns in lake.
Pedestrian hit by car.
Driver killed after ramming pole.
Three year old dies in collision.
Man disappears on fishing trip.
Man critically burned.
Man falls off sailboat, drowns.
Just one day's toll of accidents. Just one day in just one town. How many more were there in the nation? How many more around the world?
Not one of those people got up in the morning and said, "I'm going to face death today." There was no warning that this day would be different from every other day of their lives. They went about their usual affairs: walking, driving, swimming, fishing, until that unforeseen moment arrived.
Were they ready for it? We cannot tell.
Are you ready? Only you can answer that. If the next accident victim should be you, can you face it unafraid because for you death is only going to be with Christ, "which is far better"? If you already know Him as your Savior, know that He died for you, know that you have received Him by faith, then you can meet each new day in confiding trust. You can say, "The worst that can come but shortens the journey, and hastens us home!"
But if you are one of those who have "received Him not," you are living each day in deadly peril. If this is your day to meet that sudden, fatal moment, if today you pass into eternity without Christ, you will be lost and lost forever. Instead of the "many mansions," the love and light and joy of the Father's house, it will be darkness and despair forever.
Oh, do not risk it! Do not wait one minute longer. Tonight may be too late.