Keep Close

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One frequently observes this in the history of Christians: the evils which in later years prove their greatest snares are those against which there is the greatest watchfulness at first. Most happy is it when the spirit of watchfulness increases with our increasing knowledge of the tendencies and capabilities of our hearts. But this is not always the way; on the contrary, how frequently do we find Christians of some years standing indulging in things which at first their consciences would have shrunk from. This may seem to be but a growing out of a legal spirit; should it not rather be viewed as a growing out of a tender and sensitive conscience? To grow in the knowledge of truth is to grow in the knowledge of God, and to grow in the knowledge of God is to grow in practical holiness. The conscience that can let pass without reproof things from which it would formerly have shrunk is, it is much to be feared, instead of being under the action of the truth of God, under the hardening influence of the deceitfulness of sin.