Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(dregs). Sediment of liquor. Settled, pure wine (Isa. 25:6); sloth (Jer. 48:11); extreme suffering (Psa. 75:8).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Apple Wine Lees
“Wines on the lees” are wines left undisturbed on their sediment to mature (Isa. 25:6). The expression “settled on the lees” is used figuratively of Moab, which had not been disturbed as other nations (Jer. 48:11). Also for those who in Jerusalem remained in the Jordan valley indifferent and undisturbed amidst the evils upon which punishments were threatened (Zeph. 1:12). A very significant type of the poor apathetic world, and of the self-satisfied and unconcerned spirit of Christendom.
Stirred and unstirred barrels of Chardonay.