"Let Go of Your Rope"

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 2
All bound and secured in his flotation vest, (Which oversized garment he clutched to his chest,)
With towrope in hand and skis on his feet, I could tell at a glance he was new at this feat.
As he readied himself I offered advice.
He was sure of himself, that his strength would suffice.
I said, "If you fall, let go of the rope."
He seemed to think me some kind of a dope!
Full throttle! The boat shot out with a roar!
The skier was jerked, he was seen to soar.
Head first through the air like an airplane he surged—
Then down through the water, he quickly submerged.
For seventy feet the rope stayed up tight.
We wondered if ever he'd come into sight.
He surfaced and skipped like a rock on the top
Till the boatman could act and hurriedly stop.
At last he let go and, gasping for breath,
He was sure that he'd come to the brink of his death.
The boat circled quickly to pick up our friend;
He was rescued and saved from a watery end.
As we think of this story, it's not so unique.
Man thinks himself strong, never spiritually weak.
God's Word would exhort him, "Let go of your rope,"
Instead he'll hang on, 'cause he's sure he can cope.
Though jerked and submerged in an ocean of sin,
Still, bobbing and bouncing, he holds to the end.
His pride would ensnare him, though facing sin's fare,
And he'd scowl at a God who would make him aware.
So, sinner, God bids you before you begin, "Let go of your rope, for the wages of sin
Are an ocean of death and will sink you to hell;
But Jesus has died, so there's good news to tell."
So let go of your rope and depend on the cross.
Trust His work and He'll rescue your soul from its loss;
Not sinking, but raised from the waters of death,
Buoyed up by His love in its length and its breadth.