Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

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One of the first elements of obedience is a perfect repose of soul in God; you would not be easily startled by events if you saw all that you have in Christ enabling you to meet everything calmly. Oh! it is simple. Where do you begin? With the heart of Christ! If you have that, let what will come, you are hidden in a secure place—in Him. He is always thinking of you, even while you are occupied only with self.
"Let not your heart be troubled"—there is rest. Outside, there is trouble, trouble, nothing but trouble all round; but if the heart is kept happy, outside experiences do not signify at all. Outside darkness only makes the light within shine brighter.
It is very sweet, the Lord's saying, "Let not your heart be troubled"; sorrows of the wilderness and pilgrim fare there may be, but no need to let the billows of outside circumstances break into your heart. Christ does look upon my heart and yours.
When the martyr was at the stake, the fagots flaming round him, his joy was secure because Christ knew how to make his heart happy.
"I go to prepare a place for you"; what a thought that Christ should be, as it were, jealous of the service of preparing a place for us!—He alone making it ready. Could any one prepare it save Himself? Is that thought of Christ in the Father's house a vital reality to your heart?
How grand it would be if He found hearts under all circumstances untroubled, saying, "I believe in God and in Christ, and my heart is kept happy."