Let Your Bucket Down

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The great river Amazon pours out so mighty a stream of fresh water into the Atlantic, that for miles out of sight of land, just opposite the mouth of the river, the water in the ocean is entirely fresh.
Some years ago a sailing ship left Europe for a South American port. Through storm and mishap, it was so long on its voyage that the water on board began to give out. Though the crew took every care, they shortly found themselves with their last tank or last cask empty.
A day or two later, though becalmed in a hot climate, to their great joy and relief they sighted another vessel. When near enough to signal, they ran up their flags, telling of the distressing condition: "We're dying for want of water."
To their astonishment, the reply came back quickly. It seemed almost to mock them in their extremity: "Water all around you; let your bucket down."
Little did they know that they were just then crossing the mighty Amazon's ocean current. Instead of being in salt water, they were actually sailing in fresh. Good drinking water was all around them, though out of sight of land!
Fellow-traveler, you may be crying out, "What must I do to be saved?" little realizing that the ocean of God's love is all around you. "Let your bucket down!"