Letter 10

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5, Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol. March 9, 1843.
Another little word came from you, my very dear sister, with a full welcome. I should be glad to be among the dear brethren in Exeter and its neighborhood again for a season, and to pay you now and then a little visit, as I was wont to do, for my own comfort; and it may be so ere I return, please God, to Dublin. But I do not as yet see the way before me, and I have engagements here that, I suppose, will keep me next week. I will send your little letter to.... who will be glad to read it, as I have been.
I enclose a little scribble, but expressing a thought that was refreshing my mind a day or two since.
I have had this impression from the Epistle of Jude, that the Holy Ghost is summarily and rapidly glancing at the corruption that was to manifest itself in the progress of the history of the dispensation under the forms of " the way of Cain," " the error of Balaam," " the gainsaying of Core." The first being false religion, or the leaven of self-righteousness, coupled with hatred of the poor self-renouncing remnant, who trust, like Abel, only in the blood of Jesus, and walk in real godliness. The second being a sounder form of religion, real prophetic truth or correctness as to the mind of God, but coupled with worldliness, and a subjection to the powers of the kingdom for reward. The third being a more bold and infidel scorning of all that As divinely sacred, and a setting of oneself up in the place of God's dignities. And there is order in these forms of corruption: for the first rather gave character to the earlier times, and the dispensation will close, doubtless, when the pattern of Core be fully copied.
Accept united love, dear, dear sister, for dear mother and sister also. The Lord be with your spirit for rich comfort. I hope to spend part of to-morrow and Saturday in Bath, and to be at Trowbridge for Sunday. My love to dear.... and all the brethren. I do not ask you to write to me save as your desire and your strength may lead you.
Believe me, ever your affectionate brother,
J. G. B..