Letter 22

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August 10, 1846.
My Beloved Sister,
I grieved to see by your last letter received through Mrs. K ... . that you had been so much in suffering. The Lord bless you and comfort you, as He has done in times past. You ought not to have sent me the seal, you know how easy it is for me to remember you without any memento. And glad should I be at times to visit the side of your sofa, and exchange some thoughts with you, my dear sister. Our united
love to you and to dear mother, and give mine to my dear brother S ... .. and his family, Dr. T ... . and the M ... . 's. A native brother from Demerara was with us for some days lately. It is always sweet to me to hear from you, but you know I never exact it from you as payment for my little communications. To cast many,a wishful glance beyond the river may well be the exercise of our hearts, beloved, both from the greenness of the fields there, and the aridness of the desert here. The Lord be with thy dear spirit.
Ever your affectionate brother,
J. G. B.