Letter 27

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1, Waterloo Road, Dublin, March 29, 18481
My Much Loved Sister,
I was glad to see again your little pencil scribble. I will not now write much to you, but invite you to meditate with me on Job, as we have often and happily together meditated on other portions of God's sweet and perfect word. And 0 I the Lord forbid that there should ever be any distance between us, in these days of sad, sad estrangement, when it is as easy and as pleasant, as it sometimes appears to me, to make a brother an offender for a word, as in better days it was easy and pleasant to wish one another goodwill in the name of the Lord. Ah! it is sad. Love to dear Mrs. W.... Tell her that her brethren here remember her, and that in mercy we are kept together in godly peace and unity. But we fear the importation of another mind from across the water, for the distance is short, and the poor nature is the same.
Remember us to your dear sister, and me to my dear brother Dr. T ... . also to dear Miss W ... . The Lord guide dear Mrs. W ... . for she puts her trust in Him. Ever, my loved sister, in much affection,
J. G. B.
(We have left Herbert Place.)
Let me know that you have received this.