Letter 29

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Bath, July 26, 1848.,
My Beloved Sister,
Your little word waited for me here on my return from Dublin last Saturday. Our stay hero is uncertain, as is also the direction in which we may move from it. But I cannot speak of being at Torquay, though you know, to sit occasionally at your side, and speak together of our blessed Lord and His truth, would be pleasant to me.
I have judged that sea air would be very desirable for our...., and her dear mamma also has the little cup of tears, dear sister, still wrung out at times; but many things make these movings not so easy.
Is not the great move a little nearer than it was? Do not the present agitations tell of the winds beginning to strive upon the great sea? And if ever distant symptoms of such action be perceived, is there not cause for afresh looking up in expectation of the meeting in the air?
I see dear L ... . M.... now and again, and last evening we drank tea together at Miss B....'s. My love to the little flock near you, beloved sister, and to your dear physician. Accept the same from us all unitedly, and to your dear sister.
The Lord be with your spirit with every desire towards you in the bowels of Christ Jesus.
Believe me, my dear sister,