Letter 3

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Limerick, April 10, 1840.
The reading of your last letter, beloved sister, was indeed very sweet to my mind, and it has come into my heart to write to you again, though far in the country at present, having come to a small prophetic meeting in the county Tipperary. We have, however, been very happy together. All peace among us, and much valued truth communicated, and a strong sense of this precious doctrine-that nothing intervenes between the present moment and the catching of the saints into the air, but the fullness of the body of Christ.
I shall not be in Dublin, please God, for another—fortnight, but through the unwearied love of my-heavenly Father (who, knowing my weakness deals with me in constant tenderness), I hear—comfortably of all there. However, accept our united love, dear sister, for indeed it is easy to remember you with love. I should like, indeed, to see you all again, but that desire is not to determine any movement.
Tell dear.... (and surely he has my love as well as my message), that the thought of building a house troubles some of his Irish brethren: Several (indeed well-instructed brothers) think it is sadly departing from the spirit of the dispensation, and that, sooner or later, Satan will get advantage of all such houses,-perhaps into them, dear sister. I was always indisposed to ours in Dublin. I could, indeed, greatly desire "the upper rooms" still; but I only just tell what many felt and expressed at our meeting.
The accounts you give of the Lord's good hand are very sweet.