Letter 6

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August 1, 1842.
My Very Dear Sister,
I got your welcome little word, in company with dear Miss B..'s, some weeks since, and have quite purposed to answer it, but was not quite up to do so till now, when I feel disposed to sit with you for an hour. The Lord has laid you much aside, and are we not debtors in Him to pay you a visit now and again; and has it not often been my own comfort to do so? Indeed it has, dear sister; and may the blessed One Himself ever keep us in one spirit till we be together, with all saints, in one house of many mansions forever.
We are this day taking leave of a much-loved brother, who has for years walked among us in sweet and blameless grace, so that his absence will indeed leave a gap in the midst of us Abet may not be easily supplied. He purposes to go to Demerara. His health has been bad, but appears now to be much restored. These separations are, not as " nature would desire," like much beside: But a gracious, skilful hand holds all things.