Little May's First Star

 •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 7
"How pretty you are," said little May,
Looking up in her sister's face,
Who was dressed for a dance that night,
In tinsel and in lace.
She placed on her head a brilliant crown,
The center of which was a star,
Which dazzled the eyes of the wondering child
As it scattered its rays afar.

May greatly admired that jeweled crown,
But she heaved a heart-felt sigh
As she thought of the crown on the Lord
When men passed scoffing by.
And she seemed to see the crown of thorns
As He hung upon the tree,
Till the darkness veiled the most awful sight
That eyes could ever see.

Then she thought of a crown, though not of thorns,
But the crown of glory bright,
Which adorns His brow, who for sinners died,
Midst heaven's eternal light.
And her mind recalled the oft-told truths,
Of those who win the lost,
Having crowns to cast at His pierced feet,
Who redeemed at tremendous cost.

In wistful tones she murmured low:
"I wish I some soul could win
To the Savior who for sinners died,
To wash away their sin.”
The simple words of a little child,
Were winged as an arrow's dart,
And her conscience reached: they were sent by God,
And they pierced that sister's heart.

She went to the ball in her grand attire,
But the words of the little child
Were re-echoed main and yet again,
In that heart by sin defiled.
She vainly tried to forget the words,
And enjoy the dance as before,
But no, the Savior was standing there,
And knocking at her heart's door.

And a vision rose of that eager face,
And those eyes so full of love,
It seemed like a heavenly finger-post,
To direct her gaze above.
Again she heard that murmur low:
"I wish I some soul could win
To the Savior who for sinners died,
To wash away their sin.”

She thought of the time so vainly spent
In gaiety, sin and show;
She thought of the life she was wasting away,
Leading downward to death and woe.
She thought of the Savior's boundless grace,
In dying for her on the tree;
She thought of the times she had slighted Him,
And longed to His side to flee.

She hurriedly left that ball-room gay,
Went home in her soul despair,
And pardon found, through a Savior's love,
For she sought it in earnest prayer.
Then she went and kissed the sleeping child
As the silvery moon shone bright,
And softly said, "She has won a star,
I am saved by grace tonight.”

How good of God to give His Son,
How good of Christ to die,
That sinners young and sinners old,
Should know eternal joy.
This love is boundless, full, and free,
And you its power may prove,
So turn to Him through Jesus Christ,
No longer from Him rove.