"Looking Upon Jesus As He Walked": Luke 24:13-32

Luke 24:13‑32  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
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We now find the Lord joining the two disciples on the road with their gloomy hearts and reasonings. What made them sad? It was unbelief. Their sadness was attractive to Jesus, for if the affection that took the spices to His tomb was delightful to Him, the sadness that gathered round their clouded hearts was also delightful to Him. It was reality.
The Gospels give us little displays of eternity, and here you have communion between the Lord of glory and poor sinners—the same communion that will be found in glory. It is worth everything to have an intimate eternity with Christ! Our hearts are prepared for it through the Gospels.
The two disciples found their confidence won and retained, though the Lord never made an effort about it. He just threw Himself out on their hearts, and they took Him up as He was.
They tell Him of the reason of their sadness and He returns a loving rebuke: “O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.” That was the cure, and that was where they came short. Oh! how should that bind round your heart and mine every jot and tittle of God’s Word! Then He showed them how Christ should suffer, and expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.
Now their unbelieving reasonings turned into faith’s kindlings. How did that happen? Jesus had interpreted Himself. How natural then that He should make as though He would go farther! He was hiding Himself under a veil, and, as a stranger, He would not intrude on them. “But they constrained Him.” What wonderful kindlings they were enjoying—and that caused this piece of courtesy. Let us thank, then, the One to whom thanks is due, not they who constrained Him.
Be sure, the joy of eternity will never weary you. Kindlings will be there in seraphic order. Give me a seraphim mind within and the glories of Jesus around—that will be heaven.
J. G. Bellett (from Notes on the Gospel of Luke)