Lost Years

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
A Christian soldier lay dying. As he looked back over his recent years he was condemning himself. It was true he had lived in an upright way, and his life had thus witnessed for righteousness. But he had not been active in seeking to make the Savior known to others. Speaking to a fellow-believer he remarked,
“I die as a Christian, and I die contented; but O! if I could have died as a Christian worker.”
“I am peaceful and assured in view of death" he said later, "but I am not joyful and glad. Those three lost years keep coming back to me. Do you suppose," he then inquired, "that we shall be able to forget anything after death? If so, I should like to forget those three years.”
And will not regret be ours, dear fellow-Christians, if we have wasted years to look back upon, years filled with self-serving and self-seeking, instead of with the service of Christ in seeking His glory, the comfort of His people, and the salvation of the lost?