Loving Savior, I Accept Thee

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In one of the big public wards of a general hospital, amidst all the suffering and pain, a man lay dying.
He seemed at last to realize his condition, realize how very near he was to eternal judgment, and he was almost paralyzed with fear, his shrieks and groans frightening everyone in the ward. In vain the nurse tried to quiet him, soothing him with physical remedies and giving drugs to deaden the pain. He would lie quiet for a little while, and then, as if his soul could not rest, he would start again crying,
"Hell, hell, hell; do not let them take me, hold me fast, hold me fast; I do not want to die; they are coming—hell, hell, hell." He grew almost frantic. The nurse went over and took his hand.
"Hush," she whispered, "hush, remember Christ died to save sinners."
"Yes, but not me, not me; I am too bad."
"No, He died to save you. If your sins were scarlet as blood, yet shall they be white as snow."
"O," he said, "pray for me, pray for me." It was as if the truth was penetrating through the dulled fever-stricken brain, as if God in His wonderful mercy was giving this dying man a clear vision; and when the nurse slowly murmured over him,
"O Christ, save this man; O! help him, Lord Jesus," he lay still with his hands folded.
"Nurse," he cried suddenly, "are you quite sure that Christ died for me, quite sure there is hope?"
"Yes," she answered, firmly and slowly, "quite sure Christ died for you, and if you accept Him, your soul shall surely live." He lay quite still for a time, and then looking up he whispered gently,
"Christ, loving Savior, I accept Thee, I accept Thee."
Then remorse seemed suddenly to fill his soul.
"O that I could live for Him, that I could be more worthy. Is there no hope, can I not live for Him?" The nurse shook her head.
"You will go to Him instead," she whispered.
Some of the other patients had come to the bedside, and seeing them he cried,
"Young men, turn from your wicked ways while there is yet time, accept and live for Christ our Savior!"
The strength which had been for a moment vouchsafed, began to fail him, his eyelids closed, and he lay quite still with a quiet smile on his face, and hands clasped.
After a while the eyes again opened, and with a bright look he whispered,
"Now, I die happy, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; loving Savior, I commit my soul to Thee."
The weary eyelids closed again for the last time, and shortly after, very quietly, the newborn spirit left the wasted body to find its true Home, and see the precious Savior face to face.
Reader, have you accepted that loving Savior?
"Behold the Lamb! 'tis He
who bore My sins upon the tree;
And cleared by death the dreadful score,
The guilt that lay on me."