Mak' Siccar

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When Roger Kirkpatrick asked Robert Bruce if he had slain the traitor Comyn in Minorite Cloister in Dumfries, he said, "I doubt so."
"You doubt so," replied Kirkpatrick: "I mak' siccar."
Siccar is an old Scotch form of the word "sure." If you are not quite sure of an interest in Christ, "Mak' siccar." If you don't know whether your sins are all forgiven or not, "mak' siccar." If you have only gone the length of hoping you are right with God, "mak' siccar." If you are not certain that you are born again, "mak' siccar." No man should live in the dim region of uncertainty upon these great matters, and no man needs to.
Settled forever! Fear not then to trust
Thy soul upon Him, even as thou must!
On Calv'ry's mountain all thy sin was met—
Settled forever, all that grievous debt.