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How vain for an Israelite to have searched for a large piece of Manna-and yet when all the small- pieces (the "small round thing,") were put together, they formed a large piece, quite sufficient to each man " according to his eating." While vainly searching, for a large piece, be would neglect—to gather up the small pieces which were like Coriander Seed, and thus his time was spent, and the large piece not found. Do we keep looking for signal mercies? for large revelations of Christ? and do we neglect to gather together, and to store up and feed upon the little (?) mercies and revelations of Himself which strew our pathway all the day? and in which we learn the heart of Him who has strewed them around us on all sides? Could my eyes be wandering in search of a large piece, when the wilderness is strewed on all sides around me with small pieces? Have I gathered them all up to-day? If so, depend upon it, 1 have more than my eating—" I have all things and abound"-surely I have enough at any rate.
The soul is on the way to find itself longing for fish, and onions; and garlic, if it is wandering after a large piece of Manna. Life here is made up of little things-and the soul finds Christ in the little things-(the "small round thing," so to say) and finding Him I gather Him up, and feed upon Him, and find myself stronger and stronger.
I am almost afraid to say what I feel about the change in the taste of the Manna from Ex. 16:31, to Num. 11:8. The color too was changed from "white" to the "color of bdellium." Does the soul ever, recover its first freshness of taste when it has longed after Egypt's fleshpots 7 •• His Christ the same freshness to the eye when it has been upon the "ends of the earth," and the soul has been thinking of Egypt and of making a "captain?"
One has said with regard to the above remarks. "How could a soul which has tried again to satisfy itself with Egypt's food, find Manna the same thing after restoration? The pure and sweet Manna which has sustained the Virgin soul which has unwaveringly followed the guiding pillar, must for the restored soul, have its color changed into that of tried gold, and its taste to that of healing oil, Nothing else would supply its need now." -Ed.