Matthew 5-7: September 1997

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
In these chapters of Matthew we read of the wonderful things which the Lord Jesus taught His disciples when He went up into a mountain. He started out by telling them of the blessings that belonged to those who wanted to please the Lord. They also learned that those who belong to Him are like a lighted candlestick which everyone can see in the dark.
Those who want to please the Lord are also not to strike back in anger against others who seek to hurt them. They are to love their enemies and pray for them. The Lord promised that God, who knew all of their needs, would care for them and that they should be careful to serve only the Lord. God’s kingdom and righteousness were the most important things they should seek for.
Those who want to follow the Lord must do so by walking on a sometimes difficult, narrow path. The path that leads to eternal destruction is wide and easy to walk on. True disciples of the Lord would be known by the “fruit” (works) that they produced in their lives.
Let’s rest awhile in our journey so you can find the following verses.
1. Before the Lord Jesus chose His disciples, He went into a ____________ and prayed all night to His Father. Luke 6:___
2. Mary Magdalene came to the grave, where the Lord Jesus was buried, early in the morning when it was still ____________ . John 20:___
3. The Apostle Paul tells believers to “put off” things like ____________ and filthy speech. Colossians 3:___
4. Christians are to ____________ one another by love rather than because they have to do it. Galatians 5:___
5. Believers are to have nothing to do with the ____________ of darkness which produce nothing that can satisfy God. Ephesians 5:___