Matthew 1‑28  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
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(gift of Jehovah)
Presents Christ as the fulfiller of all prophesy pointing to Israel’s Messiah, Emmanuel, King, His rejection, crucifixion, and coming kingdom (3-17), referring to their Old Testament scriptures about 80 times. His genealogy is given as principally from David, “the beloved” but rejected King, and His birth as divinely unique (charters 1 and 2). The announcement of the kingdom and declaring the spiritual principles which would characterize the hearts of those who would qualify (chapters 3-7). The manifestations of His power to bless and His rejection (chapters 8-12). The introduction of the new mysteries of the kingdom as committed into the hands of men during this age of His rejection (chapters 13-20). His final presentation and rejection resulting in Israel now being set aside (chapters 21-23). Prophecy as to the conditions that will prevail until He returns and judges the living nations (chapters 24, 25). The crucifixion, resurrection, the revelation of the new name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and commission (chapters 26-28).
The book is dispensational; the term “kingdom of heaven,” used 30 times, is here alone used.
Written A.D. 37, some say in Hebrew, but that has not been proven. Fragments of an apocryphal “Gospel according to the Hebrews” may have been confounded with Matthew’s Gospel.