Mercies. (Selected).

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Mercies reviewed and pondered are even sweeter than when first bestowed.
The best way to keep our mercies is to be ready at all times to give them up at God’s call.
A child of God taking a cup of cold water with a thankful heart, may render a better service to God than one who gives thousands of gold and silver.
God is love, and His children please Him as they are like Him and walk in love.
Let not the morrow be as a thief to rob you of this day’s blessings.
Faith, patience, and prayer can overcome all difficulties.
If we come forth from the closet of communion, the atmosphere of evil speaking will be to us as the tainted air of some great city to one that has been breathing the pure air of a mountain top.
A happy, joyful spirit spreads joy everywhere; a fretful spirit is a trouble to ourselves and to all around.