Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(guest). Chaldean name of Mishael, Daniel’s companion (Dan. 1:6-7; 3).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Name given by the prince of the eunuchs to Mishael, one of Daniel’s companions at Babylon: he was one of the three noble men who, faithful to God in refusing to worship the image set up by the king, were cast into the fiery furnace; but were miraculously preserved by God, there being not even the smell of fire on their garments. Nebuchadnezzar blessed their God, who had thus delivered them, and they were promoted in the province of Babylon (Dan. 1:7; Dan. 2:49; Dan. 3:12-30). Nebuchadnezzar, head of the Gentile power, having been brought into a prominent position by God is compelled to own the God of this captive but faithful remnant, who had shown His power in protecting those who were faithful to Him.

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

(Aramaic) of foreign origin and doubtful significance; Meshak, the Babylonian name of 4333
KJV Usage: