Ministries of the Gospel and the Church

Colossians 1:15  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
As regards Col. 1, it is long a settled thought with me that there are here two ministries. You may see two headships, two reconciliations, and two ministries; ministry in the whole creation under heaven, and ministry of the church to complete the word of God. The revelation of the mystery had been reserved till now. S. is very anxious that these ministries should not be separated, that is, the church and the gospel of salvation. They sometimes are partially, outside brethren: revivalist preaching characterizes the separation. One visit I made to Canada for six weeks only was to connect the two, and they have gone pretty well since. It is a question which occupies people often.- is greatly exercised by it, but now passing from the first into the second: partially from the second to the first. Few can so adapt themselves to all as to be each in its place; but where Christ is fully known, and His claims, it gives a tone to the first which leads on to the second: where it is only man's salvation this is not the case. God may allow this to carry out and hurry on the last testimony. Blessed be His name! He is above all our weaknesses. I am not sure but that there was more union of the two at the first of the work of brethren. So many evangelists have come out since on all sides without church truth that the two have been more separated. It is one of the serious practical points of the present day; but, I repeat, God is above all this, and will accomplish His work.
Of the work here I know not what to tell you: inquiry, a good deal; several found peace; a little conscience, but an unheaved or rather unmoved mass, for it is heaving within itself, and all whose souls stir dissatisfied. I have at the least a dozen ministers, one or two several times, but, with rare exceptions, they are the farthest from spiritual wants and spiritual intelligence of any. It is especially a sowing time. I do not know that I have much ground for staying here very long: I wait to see the cloud move, probably passing by Philadelphia to see them. Thence I suppose west, by what route I know not. The Lord be with you, and keep you all in peace.
Affectionately yours in the Lord.