Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(red soil). Son of Ham (Gen. 10:6). The O. T. word translated Egypt (Gen. 45:20; Isa. 11:11).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Son of Ham, and the name of his descendants and also of the country possessed by them. Its signification is much disputed. The Hebrew word is really Mitzraim and is given in the AV, un-translated only in Genesis 10:6,13 and 1 Chronicles 1:8,11. Elsewhere it is translated EGYPT. The word is in a dual form, occasioned, it has been thought, by the division of that land into Upper and Lower Egypt. The word Matzor, of which Mitzraim is the dual, occurs many times and is variously translated in the AV. In 2 Kings 19:24 and Isaiah 37:25 it is “besieged places”; in Isaiah 19:6, “defense”; and in Jeremiah 10:17, “fortress.” But it is a proper name and refers to Egypt. The Revisers and others translate it Egypt in all passages.

Jackson’s Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names:

double straitness