Mount Ebal

Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

The mount of curses in Samaria (Deut. 11:29; Josh. 8:30-35).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Mountain in Ephraim from which were proclaimed the curses that would fall upon Israel if they disobeyed the Lord. Great stones covered with plaster, on which the law was written, were set up on this mount. Thus the law and the curse were associated with the same mountain (Deut. 11:29; Deut. 27:4, 13); but along with these Joshua also erected an altar unto the Lord God of Israel, before the blessings on Gerizim and the curses on Ebal were rehearsed (Josh. 8:30, 33). Parties of travelers often separate themselves, some going up mount Ebal, and others on mount Gerizim, and prove that the congregation in the valley could hear the voice from both mountains. Mount Ebal is now called Jebel Eslamiyeh, 32° 14' N, 35° 16' E. Its highest point is 3077 feet. See map of SAMARIA.