My Little Sister

NEARLY six years ago the Lord took to Himself a dear little sister of mine. She seemed to be sent to brighten our home for a few years, and to testify of the Lord Jesus, and then her earthly mission was done.
From the time when she first learned to speak and to understand she began to show love for the things of Christ; she was so good and happy, and never did she cause her parents an anxious hour. It was her great pleasure to get her brother to read the Bible to her, and she delighted in its beautiful stories, and in its precious words.
When she was five years of age she was sent to a day-school, where she soon became a general favorite. About this time a mission-room was opened, a mile and a half from our home, and a Sunday-school was held, and the gospel was preached there. My dear little sister was one of the most attentive of the hearers, and many were the questions she would ask about the love of Jesus; but one question was uppermost in her mind—it was this: "If I die, shall I go to heaven?" The answer she generally received was that, of course, she would—she was such a good little girl; but that did not satisfy little Jenny's anxious soul. She always answered that she knew she was not good.
One evening she heard a sermon at the mission-room from this text, "Jesus died." At the end of the service she came to me and said, "I know I shall go to heaven now, for Jesus died for me.”
After that evening she was always talking of going to be with Jesus; and once when her mother said to her, "Would you like to go and leave mother, Jenny?" her answer was, "Yes, mother; I love you very much, but I love Jesus better.”
On one Sunday at the evening service the hymn, "Safe in the arms of Jesus," was sung, and little Jenny joined with all her might. The next morning she was not very well, and was detained at home from school, and again the next day. That evening when I came Rom school little Jenny was very hoarse, but still very bright. She sat in my lap a little while, to help me learn my lessons, as she said; when suddenly she got down and cried, "Oh! mother, my neck" (meaning her throat) "hurts me so much.”
The doctor was sent for, and as soon as he saw my little sister he said he ought to have seen her before, Dear little Jenny for two days suffered fearfully, but was very patient. Once she said to her mother, "I did not like to tell you on Tuesday morning I felt ill, because I thought it would worry you." At the end of the week all pain suddenly left her. She then sweetly said, "I am safe in the arms of Jesus now; Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow,' and turning to her mother, smiled and whispered," Mother, I'll be waiting at the gates for you there." She then bid all good-bye, saying that Jesus had come for her, and so sweetly fell asleep in Christ at the early age of six years and three months.
“Her earthly task was done,
Eternal life was won."
M. P. C.